ANT Alliance
is an official worldwide exclusive supplier for ISOPOLANT products
ANT Alliance
We designed liquid waterproofing materials under the ISOPOLANT brand.
Over the entire period of activity, the company has proved itself as a reliable partner and has passed an interesting and quick way to success.

We adhere to a clear corporate philosophy: specialization in the field of waterproofing, guaranteeing a wide range of products suitable for every building structure around the world.
Our company is based on the following values:
  • Technological innovations
    We don't just create technical novelties; we create Technological innovations that help builders make their work at a high level.
  • Quality
    Quality is an essential factor of the success of our materials.
  • Reliability
    In our understanding, Reliability is the ability of our materials to perform specified functions in specified modes and conditions of application, while maintaining all of their performance over the required period of time.
  • Practicality
    Practicality is a set of properties which affect the efficient use in specific areas and which manifest themselves in the easy application of ISOPOLANT materials.
Why customers trust our company

The main thing for us is our reputation and trust of our customers.
Criteria which enable to gain your trust:
We value our partners and customers, therefore, we always fulfill our obligations in a timely manner. It is important for us to remain your reliable partner! We look to the future with confidence and are ready to implement the most daring and ambitious projects in concert with you.
We believe that a skilled specialist always learns something new and are proud of our experience. The achieved level of training enables to clearly understand the way of further technological development. No matter how difficult your project is, we are always ready to provide comprehensive and professional support. Our professionalism differentiates us in the waterproofing materials market and enables us to earn the trust of our customers.
To provide guarantees to customers in this complex market and to choose proper waterproofing systems, you should have special knowledge and extensive experience. Since 1988, the founder of the company has been working in the field of building insulation and has many years of scientific and practical experience, which enables to choose the best solution in determining a waterproofing system in tasks of different complexity.
The high level of quality of our materials helps us to expand our spectrum of customers every year. We maintain an optimal level of product quality in their development and production.
For our customers, ISOPOLANT represents value for money. A productive pricing strategy enabled to create the conditions for determining the competitive price of our products in the market of waterproofing materials.
Trust is the main condition of friendship."
— Jean de La Bruyère
ANT Alliance invites for cooperation companies from different countries engaged in the sale of building materials and in construction works.
Due to the wide range of products, perfect quality and adequate pricing policy, we have won the recognition and gratitude of many buyers! First of all, customer comfort is of primary importance for us, therefore we pay a lot of attention to personal work with our partners.
We provide the following options for cooperation:
Exclusive Distributor
A contract for the exclusive right to use and distribute ISOPOLANT products throughout the geographical area agreed.
Dealer Contract
Contract for the possession of a limited right to use and distribute ISOPOLANT products throughout the geographical area agreed.
Single Shipment
Single Shipment Contract with nominal rights of use and distribution for specific ISOPOLANT materials with a certain quantity.
Assistance of ANT Alliance
We are glad to cooperate with ambitious and enterprising companies, and are ready to provide an individual approach to each. We strive to create long-term partnerships.

We will be happy to contact you and discuss any option for cooperation.
Working with our company, you'll get the following benefits:
high quality products
competitive price
optimal and flexible terms of cooperation
price reduction for bidding projects
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